Black Lives Matter Teaching Materials

We believe it is important for children to learn the impacts of racism and the reasons the Black Lives Matter Movement not only began but regained traction in 2020.

In order to do this, we produced a small textbook informing children along with a set of flashcards on a range of well known and unknown influential figures. 

The textbook discusses the origins of the BLM movement, how and why Black Lives Matter regained traction in 2020, and also how you can help the BLM movement. Typography is designed with students in mind using a legible typeface ideal for children with disabilities such as dyslexia.

Throughout the textbook question and answer worksheets are included allowing children to test what they have learned. 

Topics are split up using hand illustrated watercolor illustrations of protestors. 

Flashcards for children to learn about 20 influential figures a mix of known and unknown people.

The watercolour illustrations within the book are also blown up to be used as posters within classrooms.

As we think it is important for children to learn about injustice and racism that unfortunately still exists we decided to make the textbook available as a free PDF download 


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