Digital Colouring Book 

A series of colouring pages based on the ongoing theme the four seasons, the current edition being the summer range.  Currently, the summer, autumn and winter series of pages are available to Download Now!

When you complete a page please upload it to Instagram and tag us @offtopicstudio We would love to see them!

We decided to produce a concept app version of the colouring book, this app allowed users to easily print any page from the app or colour them in digitally. 

The UI consists of a traditional book style allowing users to intuitively flick through the pages with a simple swipe.

A simplistic colour wheel allows users to be creative with their design whilst keeping the interface simple and easy to use.

The tablet version of the app also contains a fun easter egg for the Halloween season. 

Along with the autumn theme Easter egg a winter Easter egg was designed. Here is the tablet version.


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